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“The mind generally takes up various objects, runs into all sorts of things. That is the lower state. There is a higher state of the mind, when it takes up one object and excludes all others.”

Swami Vivekananda

About Us


Our centre:

We have been rendering health service to the public from 1995. We have good success rate. We have very good result for sinusitis, asthma, anxiety, normal delivery, migraine, back-pain, thyroid problem, insomnia, constipation. We are located in a heart throb of the city.

Special features at our centre:

  • No age limit

  • You need no flexibility, Flexibility is not important, how much you are aware and relax during the practice is important.

  • We teach very simple but effective and selected asana and pranayama.

  • Medically integrated, so no risk.

  • We go hand in hand with medical science.

  • Our approach is PRACTICAL to the modern era.

  • You need to spend just 20 to 30 minutes every day.

  • Highly trained lady yoga teacher is also available for lady members.

  • We emphasis on body, breath and mind coordination and Practicing with awareness,

  • Individual teaching with individual attention.

  • Nominal fees for regular practice AT OUR CENTRE,

  • Lady instructors for ladies.

  • Only small batches of five.

  • Flexi timings.

Our therapists:

Sri K.R.Ganesh Babu is an experienced Yoga Therapist and has got experience of 32 years in conducting yoga classes for various categories of people like school children, college students, executives, workers, etc.

K.R. Ganesh Babu, Yoga therapist is training the public in yogasanas from 1978. Ganesh Babu is interested in Yoga therapy, to prevent/cure/control diseases. He started his career in Yoga from 1978 after attending yoga camp at Kanyakumari. He took training at Viswayathan Yogasram, J &K, under Sri Dhirendra Brahmachari. He also took training in Yoga Therapy at Vivekananda Kendra Yoga Therapy Research Institute , Bangalore . He has been treating various types of diseases successfully in his AUM Yoga Therapy Centre.

He is conducting Yoga classes in schools and colleges. He is well versed in conducting Stress Management Courses for executives.

He worked as part time Yoga professor at PSGIM, Coimbatore for 10 years and Founder Director of AUM Yoga Therapy Centre. He was working as Consultant Yoga Therapist at GKNM Hospital, Coimbatore for 10 years.

He is conducting stress management course/ therapy courses at Industries, Educational Institutes, Training academies and IT companies for executives, staffs and workers according to their nature of jobs.

He also gives health counselling to prevent and cure diseases.

He is an author for few yoga books in English and author for one Tamil book (Arokkiya vizhippunarvum-Yoga chikichaiyum)

Smt. Durga Maheswari  wife of Ganesh Babu is also an exponent Yoga Teacher having an experience of 20 Years. First, he is trained by her husband.  She underwent training at Vivekananda Kendra, Bangalore. She is taking class in Schools and colleges. She worked as part time Yoga Instructor at PSGIM .She is working as Yoga Therapist for AUM Yoga Therapy centre, Coimbatore. She also gives health counselling to ladies for their personal problems.

Services Rendered:

  • Working to bring Yoga therapy awareness in the society.

  • Working to bring health awareness in the society.

  • Conducting classes for school children and college students for personality development and for positive health.

  • Also conducting Instrumental Yoga, Power Yoga, Artistic yoga, along with Kriyas, Asanas, Pranayama and Meditation.

  • From AUM Yoga Therapy Research Institute we are treating various types of psychosomatic and stress related illness.

  • We also provide health counselling.

  • Through AUM Yoga Therapy Trust we would like to bring more awareness of holistic health among the general public, in India and Abroad.

  • Conducting Stress Management Course for executives and staffs of various types of Industries.

  • Conducting Yoga Teacher Training Course.

  • We conduct special Stress Management courses for Executives. For details you can contact us.

  • We also conduct Yoga therapy class for staffs and executives of companies at their premises.

  • We do blood sugar test and check blood pressure at concessional rate.

You Can Prevent/ Cure/ Control the Following Disease through Yoga Therapy:

  • Bronchial Asthma, Nasal allergy, Bronchitis, wheezing

  • Sinusitis , common cold, sneezing

  • Diabetes, Obesity

  • Thyroid problem, Hormones imbalance,

  • High BP, Low BP, Ischemic heart disease 

  • Heart attack rehabilitation

  • Epilepsy, Migraine, Tension head ache

  • Anxiety neurosis, Depressive neurosis

  • Low back pain, Arthritis, Rheumatism

  • IBS, Gastritis, Peptic ulcer

  • Constipation, Piles

  • Mental retardation

  • Menstrual disorder,  Painful periods

  • Sexual problems, Infertility

  • Insomnia, fear, anger 

Other activities:

You can buy the following items from us for concessional price

  • Neti Lota ( Nasal cleanser),

  • Enima can

  • Eye cup

  • Yoga mat

  • Yoga dress

  • Natural foods

  • Yoga books. 

We also sell Digital Blood Glucose monitor and Blood Pressure monitor.