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“The world is the great gymnasium where we come to make ourselves strong.”

Swami Vivekananda

What Is Yoga?

The word YOGA is derived from the Sanskrit word 'YUJ' which means JOIN or UNION.

“Samathuvam Yoga Utchathe” means balance and equanimity is yoga.

Yoga is a science which deals with Mind Control. Yoga is way of life. Yoga gives peace of mind. Yoga helps to lead a happy and healthy life.

As per Swami Vivekananda yoga is " The ultimate goal of all mankind, the aim and end of all religions, is but one---re-union with God, or, what amounts to the same, with the divinity which is every man's true nature. But while the aim is one, the method of attaining it may vary with the different temperaments of men. Both the goal and the methods employed for reaching it are called Yoga, a word derived from the same Sanskrit root as the English "yoke", meaning "to join", to join us to our reality, God. "

How Do We Get Disease? (The Yogic Concept)

According to yoga philosophy the Root Cause of the disease lies in The Mind.

According to Taiteriya Upanishad every human being has five sheaths. They are

  • Anna maya kosa (Physacal body)

  • Prana maya kosa ( Pranic body)

  • Mano maya kosa (Mind body)

  • Vijnana maya kosa (Intellectual body) and

  • Ananada maya kosa(Blissed body).

At Blissed Body - Mind is at Equilibrium - Hence No Disease

At Intellectual Body – Mind is brought to equilibrium by using intellect – No Disease

At Mind Body - The problems starts here. The root cause lies here.

What Is The Root Cause (Adhi) Of A Disease?

When The Mind Is Disturbed It Is Called “Adhi” (root cause).

When The Adhi Percolates Through The Vital Body And Affects The Physical Body It Is Called “Viyadhi” (Disease).

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Whenever the Mind Is Disturbed That Affects the Body

For Example:

Mind Is Disturbed due To Anger, Worries, Greed, Jealousy, Envoy, Anxiety etc., thus affecting the physical body causing various illness. 

Vice versa whenever the Body Is Disturbed That Affects the Mind

For Example:

Headache causes irritation, thus a person loses his concentration and peace of mind hence losing the cool and mental balance.

What Is Yoga Therapy?

Preventing/ controlling/ curing a disease through yogic practices - ASANA, PRNAYAMA AND MEDITATION is called as Yoga Therapy.

Yoga therapy helps to keep all the five sheaths hale and healthy.

Principles of Yoga Therapy

Treat the person, not the disease is the Holistic approach of Yoga Therapy.

Treating at Physical level alone will not solve the problem, since the root cause lies in the mind. In yoga therapy we treat all the five bodies.