Each one of us wants to live a disease free life and in search of happiness. But, the path we choose to attain varies from man to man. How to attain the fulfilment in life? Yogic practices help to fulfill this.
Stress is nothing but the body's reaction to physical or emotional stimuli. According to Yoga, stress is imbalance. Imbalance is misery. Balance is Happiness. We are in imbalance at physical and mental level, at sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, at endocrine and nervous transmitter level. Yogic practices bring balance at physical, mental, emotional and intellectual levels.
       STRESS ->  Confusion, imbalanced mind  -> Diseases
       Yoga Therapy  ->  Calm the mind   -> Health
Tension is inevitable in life. It has become part and parcel of business and profession. we cannot live without tension So, the question before us is how to cope with stress and strains. In yoga therapy, we teach how to cope with your stress and strains and still lead a happy and healthy life. Yoga therapy is the correct medicine to over come stress related diseases.
Total Health means positive, creative, physical, mental and social well being, given by WHO - World Health Organization.
                            PARAMETERS OF HEALTH
Physical parameters : Sound sleep, Good appetite, Proper elimination of waste, Strong immune system
Mental parameters: Positive thinking, Calm mind, Good memory and concentration, Good Self confidence and Will power.
Social parameters : Helping others and getting help from others, Good relationship with neighbours and co-workers
Spiritual parameters: Feeling of oneness, Respect all Religion, Feeling of one family.
Importance of Yoga Therapy
How we treat an ailment?
@ According to Yoga therapy the root cause of the disease lies in the      Mind
@ Whenever there is a disturbance in the mind , there will be a               disturbance at Physical level (eg- Anger), and whenever there is a       disturbance at physical level , there will be disturbance at Mind         level (eg- Head-ache). There is a close relationship between Body       and Mind.
In all other types of treatment, only the physical body is looked          after. But in Yoga Therapy, we treat at physical, pranic and                  mental   levels. Because according to yoga therapy, the root cause      of the disease lies in the mind. There is a close relationship                  between the body and mind. So, we treat at three levels.                    Moreover,   man is not merely the physical body, he has got other      factors like       will-power, emotion, intellect and action. So, he          needs treatment       at all these levels, to keep total health.

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