I have been suffering from irregular periods for the past 10 years. Dr. Swathanthira Devi advised me to do Yoga. I started yoga from 25.9.97 I am O.K. now. For me now periods are regular and I feel very easy and my weight is also reduced by 4 kgs. During my periods of time, I was suffering from stomach pain and over bleeding. Now, for me everything is solved and I am very happy now, I am continuing yoga practices.

I had trouble overcoming anxiety and depression. I consulted Dr. Ramani Who suggested that I do Yoga. As per advice, I joined this institution. Within a few weeks, I could feel the differences. Now, I am Perfectly alright and still continuing yoga for better-living. 
16.7.98 (SD)

When I first came to Yoga, I was terribly suffering giddiness, I had a great confidence in yoga practice. The confidence I had really helped me a lot to be out of the problem. I practice yoga regularly and I am out of giddiness by at least 80%. I hope soon I will be fully cured. I strongly recommend any one who has my problem such as fear, anxiety, tension etc.., Your teaching and your concern was very good and they helped me a lot, thank you for what you have given me.
18.9.98 (S.SUBHA)

I joined yoga class for rehabilitation, after heart surgery. The yoga exercises that were taught to us were very systematic and the explanations were clear and easy to follow. Whenever we had doubts, the particular practice was demonstrated very well and we were asked to repeat the exercise till we learnt it properly. The entire teaching process was conducted well patiently.

I had a cold and head-ache problem. Dr. Y.Y.Rao advised me to attend yoga class. I took yoga practice for the past 10 to 12 days and I feel light, tummy reduced, mental peace. Especially pranayama has attracted me. It is my ambition that all should undergo yoga practice.

I joined the ‘Yoga Therapy’ course on 6.3.2000, on the advice of doctor Y.Y. Rao(Cardiologist), Who is treating me for a “Heart Problem”. I also had breathing problems (asthma). After undergoing yoga practice, Pranayama and Meditation, I feel very good relief against my ailments. I feel active and enthusiastic in my activities. After yoga practice, I have totally given up frequent use of ‘Asthalin Inhaler’. I had suffocation while ascending steps. Now, I do not feel any suffocation etc. also, I had B.P (170/100) when I joined the course. Now it is reduced to 140/100 and I hope it may further go down to normal.
Really, I have drawn a lot of benefits and I very much thank Ganesh Babu, for his useful instruction and guidance.
17.5.2k S. MANICKAM

I am very happy that I have joined the yoga course conducted by you for 10 days. You have taught me specific exercises for each of my problems and I am very grateful to you for the same. I have obtained immense relief from my wheezing problem, sinusitis, back-pain and anxiety problems.

I am 25 years old. I suffered from Asthma problem from 5 years old. I had tried several treatments from allopathy, siddha, homeopathy, but none of them gave me relief. I heard about AUM YOGA THERAPY on aug ’98. At the time of joining the course, I was taking the Asthalin –3 tab everyday. After my classes here, gradually I reduced my tablets. Now I am fully cured and stopped medicines fully. I feel yoga is amazing which I could not believe. At the time of joining I was 51 kgs, now I am 60 kgs. I feel very relaxed. I am very much thankful to master, who taught me mentally as well as physically to overcome this incurable disease.
20.4.99 (Sd)

A report by N. Soma sundaram
1.Fear = 90% relief
2.Hand joint pain =70% relief
3.Acidity problem =90% relief Stopped Zantac Medicine 100%
4.After exercise, Asanas and pranayama, I feel so happy and at peace in my mind. I feel more relaxed and fresh in my body.
Thanking You.

I came to this yoga therapy centre for Pancreas stimulation in my body. I joined this institute on recommendation by my sister, who also trained here for sinusitis problem and tension and got completely cured.
I can feel the difference in my body after undergoing yoga at this centre for the past two weeks. My medicines have been reduced drastically and I am able to feel fresh all the time and I am able to relieve my stress in my day to day affairs by the methods taught by the master and madam, who gave me individual attention in all my classes.
23.12.99 S.RAVI & GEETHA

I joined in yoga for disturbed sleep and blood sugar. Find the course very useful . I was taking siddha medicine for sugar. But now , blood sugar is under control, without medicine.
Phobia =75% improvement with medicine.
Depression =100% cure. No Disturbed thoughts
Insomnia =100% cured.
Back pain =100%cured.
Secretion of pineal gland seems to be improved.
2.2.2k (Sd)